The Fee To Become A Coach Is Waived When You Purchase A Challenge Pack!

Beachbody Challenge Pack

You Can Save Up To $75!

So here is how it works. You have the option when becoming a Beachbody Coach to purchase a Challenge pack. The prices for the challenge packs are listed above. For the prices listed above, you get 1 workout, a month’s supply of Shakeology, and a Team Beachbody club membership.

Normally the price to become a Coach is $40. When you purchase a Challenge pack the $40 sign up fee is waived. By purchasing a Challenge pack, you are not only saving money on the Coach start up fee, you are also saving money on the products.

For example, if you were to purchase P90x and Shakeology individually at regular customer prices, this would cost you $240.

So if you were to buy Shakeology($120), and P90x($120), then decided to later become a Coach and work the business opportunity($40), all of that totals up to $280!

You can save $75 by becoming Coach now, and purchasing a Challenge pack during the signup process.

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This Video Walks You Through The Sign Up Process

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If you run into any trouble while signing up, don’t hesitate to call or email me…Click Here

Click Here To Get Signed Up Today!

Important note: If you already have a Team Beachbody account, and were assigned a Coach, you will automatically be placed with that Coach during your Beachbody Coach sign up process. If you don’t want to be placed with whoever your assigned Coach is, and want to join my fast growing team, just follow the steps in the screenshot image below.

Beachbody Coach Change
If Your Already Have A Team Beachbody Account