Shakeology $1000 WinnerDrink Shakeology every day and you can win $1,000 just for sharing your experience with us. Every week, Beachbody randomly select someone to be our lucky $1,000 winner. All you have to do is fill out the entry form and include a picture of yourself with your Shakeology package. You can enter every week, so keep drinking your Shakeology!

Here is what the most recent $1000 Shakeology winner Teresa Heaney had to say.

“I started drinking Shakeology about four months ago. I kept receiving emails with the video outlining all the benefits of drinking Shakeology. I’ll admit I ignored the first two emails. Then, I got a third email, and had some free time on my hands so I sat and watched the video. I didn’t have high cholesterol, I didn’t have any problems with sugar, I don’t have high blood pressure, but what I did have was a constant bloated feeling, which showed by my puffy belly.

I also took daily multivitamins, plus extra supplements like B12, vitamin C and E, and iron. I got out a paper and pencil [to] add up how much I was spending at the health food store on vitamins and supplements; and let’s face it, even with all the vitamins and supplements, I know I wasn’t eating all my required fruits and veggies. So I went for it. I purchased Shakeology and awaited its arrival.

Within a week my Shakeology was here, I took out my blender, mixed it up with water and a couple ice cubes and I took a sip . . . it was great! I faithfully drank the chocolate shake daily; some days for breakfast, some days as my mid-morning snack. By the third week, I was feeling great; and best of all, no more belly bloat.

I was so impressed with the taste and the good feeling that Shakeology gave me that I have become a Beachbody Coach. Shakeology truly is the Healthiest Meal of the Day!”

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