I’ve got some bad news…

Yesterday Beachbody announced that they are raising the price of Shakeology as of April 1st, 2013. Could this possibly be an April’s Fools’ Day joke?… Unfortunately I don’ t think so.

Before you throw your arms up in the air and start screaming, let me explain some of the details. It’s actually not that big of a deal.

First, you should know that the cost of the Vegan Shakeology formulation will remain the same at $129.95.

The 2 flavors that are going up in price are the Greenberry, and Chocolate. Currently those 2 flavors are priced at $119.95, and will be going up to $129.95. So this will eliminate any pricing confusion, and now Shakeology, any flavor, and any formulation will retail for $129.95

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A company’s decision to raise prices is always a tough one, they know and understand that customers are going to upset, but sometimes there is just no way around it. In the video below, Michael Neimand, Beachbody’s VP of  marketing explains why they are raising the price of Shakeology.

As explained in the audio above, the bottom line is that the cost of just about everything is going up (or is the value of the U.S dollar going down?…but that’s an entirely different topic). Because of inflation, prices go up, that is to be expected. Check out the chart here that compares prices of popular items in 1962, 1972, and 2004. You’ll notice that the 2004 prices now seem dated. For example, a gallon of gas is listed at $1.50 gallon. As I’m currently writing this, gas is somewhere near $4 a gallon depending on what part of the country you live in. Also, keep in mind when comparing the prices from 1962 that the value on money is much different than it is now. Fifty cents in 1962 was worth much more than fifty cents is worth now.

In my opinion, the small Shakeology price increase is a very small issue. Shakeology is still a great product that provides incredible value to the consumer. I’ve found that people will pay for what is important to them. For example, every day millions of people spend $3-$4 dollars on just one alcoholic drink, they consider it an “entertainment” cost and it helps them have a good time. If good health and nutrition is important to someone, and it is a priority in their life, they will find a way to fit it in their budget. People seem to always find a way to have the money for what is important for them to have or that is a priority in their life.

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