Network marketing, or MLM, often gets a bad rap. There are many reasons for this that I won’t go into now, but one of the hurdles a Beachbody Coach must get over are the negative preconceived notions people have about network marketing. Ultimately, if someone does their research with an open mind, they will see that network marketing is a legitimate business model that has been constantly growing over the past 60 years. And now with the internet involved, building a network marketing business has never been easier. Network marketing is the business of the 21st Century. But don’t take my word for it, listen to this…Click Here

Beachbody was around for 8 years and already a successful company when they decided to launch their business opportunity using the network marketing business model. This could of posed as a problem to some of the people already involved with Beachbody, but as it turned out, the popular trainers, Tony Horton of P90x, Shaun T of Insanity, and Chalene Johnson of the Turbo Series all have nothing but good things to say about the Beachbody Coach business opportunity. Below is a video of Chalene Johnson and Shaun T talking about the business and what it means to them.

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