Shaun T On The Tyra Banks ShowShaun T is becoming a regular on talk shows. Shaun T has been on the Ellen Degeneres show, the Dr. Oz. show, and is now scheduled to appear on the Tyra Banks show tomorrow, Tuesday, February 23. A portion of the show is going to be on intense workouts and I have a feeling Shaun T is going to be promoting his popular workout DVD fitness program, Insanity.

To be honest, I usually don’t watch the Tyra Show, but I’ll be tuning in tomorrow to see how it goes and what Shaun T has to say.

I’ll update this post tomorrow on how it goes.

So I just watched Shaun T on the Tyra Banks show. Just as I had figured, Shaun T was promoting his workout program Insanity. Shaun T showed the audience some of his Insanity workout moves and at one point Tyra was down on the ground doing push ups, in 6 inch heels. Overall it was a good appearance for Shaun T, everyone in the audience was given the Insanity workout program as gift.

Get More Information On Shaun T’s Insanity Here

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