Skeptical Beachbody Coach
Skeptical Beachbody Coach

Earlier today I had a phone conversation with a Beachbody Coach that is on my team that inspired me to write this post. This Coach told me he loves Beachbody products, and loves talking to people about the products, but was skeptical that he could make any real money as a Beachbody Coach.

This skepticism of the income potential that is possible with the Coach opportunity is something that is actually common from people who don’t understand how the business model of networking marketing works. “Skeptical” is actually the wrong word to use. The correct word to use in this situation is “ignorant”.

Let me explain.

If I was to tell you that I had magic seeds that grew money trees, and that all you had to do was plant the seeds, and water them, and a money tree would grow that has $100 bills for leaves, would you believe me?

Of course you wouldn’t believe me. No one has ever heard of such magic seeds existing. No one has ever been able to grow an actual money tree. You would be rightfully skeptical. This is skepticism.

On the flip side, If I told you it was possible to earn a 6 figure  income as a Beachbody Coach, this is a fact because people have done it and new people continue to do it on a regular basis. You can’t be skeptical of a fact. If you do not believe it is possible, that is not skepticism, that’s ignorance. Does that make sense?

Now I know there will be some people that say something like, “to make any money, you had to be one of the first Coaches to get in”, or something along those lines. This isn’t true at all. The fact of the matter is, everyone starts out in this business exactly the same, with a team of zero, and zero team volume. Those that have built a large organization didn’t do it over night, and didn’t somehow get lucky. They achieved their success through real effort and hard work.

What is great about this business model is that each and every person is paid entirely upon their own effort. There are new Coaches coming in and outperforming and out earning people that have been Coaches for years. The Coaches that “got in first” are definitely not the only ones making money in with this business.

The key to having success in this business is understanding that you are the owner of YOUR business. No one is going to build your business for you. You must take 100% accountability for your business and taking action to do what you need to do to move it forward.

What are your thoughts, do you agree, or disagree?

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