beachbody success club benefitsWhether you have been a Beachbody Coach for 5 years, or just signed up a few days ago, your short term monthly goal should be exactly the same, making Success Club. There are 2 different levels of Success Club, 5 & 10. If you want your business to be consistently growing, you should shoot for hitting at least Success Club 5 every month. If you are more ambitious, shoot for Success Club 10.

Making Success Club will give a Coach a ton of benefits. One of the benefits of making Success Club is receiving Shakeology customers and also the commissions that comes from those customers. Sometimes the customer given to the Coach is on home direct (monthly autoship), sometimes they are not. Beachbody doesn’t guarantee that the customer will be on home direct, so if they customer happens to be, that is an extra benefit. Just one customer that order Shakeology every month, for 12 months, will earn a Coach close to ($30 x 12 months) $360 in commissions annually, just from 1 customer!

Customer acquistion is the hardest part of any business. For Beachbody to literally hand out paying customers to Coaches that qualify for Success Club is a huge incentive. What other home based business is actually able to hand out paying customers and the commissions to their distributors?

In the video below, I take you into my Coach online office and show you proof of a free customer I was given for making Success Club that earned me over $94 in commissions.

What is Success Club, Really?

Great question. Success Club is our quintessential recognition and rewards program, and the backbone of everything you do as a Coach. It’s literally the first and last thing you should think about every month. At its core, Success Club is a rewards program—just like the one at your local grocery store. So the more business you do as a Coach (i.e., the more Coaches and customers you bring in), the more rewards you can earn. And more business means a bigger paycheck. Simple, right?

We reward you for working hard. You grow your business.

To give you an idea of just how important Success Club has become since we launched in January 2010, monthly participation has grown steadily from dozens to hundreds to thousands. Not only that, Coaches who qualified for Success Club every month in 2011 watched their paychecks increase by an average of 234 percent. We’re not just talking about the veteran Star Diamond Coaches either. We’re talking about new and veteran Coaches alike. This is a program for everyone.

What kinds of prizes/rewards can I earn?

Success Club Coaches take home all kinds of rewards—like luxurious trips to exotic destinations, monthly customer leads, and eligibility for other rewards programs, such as Elite and Elite Adventure.

We also reward you for participating in our various sales promotions throughout the year, which are all Success Club point-based. In 2011, Coaches took home everything from iPads to autographed copies of new programs to branded headphones and watches.

There are three reward categories:

  • Monthly Rewards – Includes eligibility for our Success Club Lead Program and associated commissions, world-class recognition, one month closer to earning your way onto our next Success Club trip, and eligibility for other Coach programs—such as Elite, Elite Adventure, and Top Coach of the Year.
  • Trip Rewards – Earn a trip in 2013 to the Success Club Conference and Celebration at Walt Disney World.
  • Promotional Rewards – You can pile on a ton of sweet prizes throughout the year by participating in our Success Club promotions—which are all based on Success Club points! (See below for more info.) 
  • Elite Success Club Cash Bonus – It really pays to be an Elite Coach. Every Coach who earns Elite this year will earn $500 cash for every month they qualify for Success Club next year!

Awesome. How do I qualify?

Monthly qualification period:You have from the first day of each calendar month at 12:00 AM ET to the last day of each calendar month at 11:59 PM ET.

Ah, the million-dollar question! At first glance, qualifying for Success Club looks WAY more complicated than it really is. Here’s a simple, 3-step breakdown that’ll get you into the Club in no time.

STEP 1: Get yourself on a Home Direct order of 90 PV or more

  • Every month, you need to have at least 90 Personal Volume points from a Home Direct/autoship order, or combination of orders, that you purchase (e.g., Shakeology, Beachbody Ultimate Reset, E&E Energy and Endurance Formula, and other supplements).

STEP 2: Earn at least 5 Success Club points

  • There are several ways to rack up the Success Club points—including Challenge Pack sales, customer and new Coach Home Direct orders, Coach sign-ups, and more.
  • TIP: One of the best ways to introduce someone to Team Beachbody and help them achieve their goals is a Challenge Pack. It includes everything they need to get started—fitness + nutrition + support (you!) = success. That’s why you get more points for selling a Challenge Pack. It’s the complete solution.
  • TIP 2: 5 points doesn’t necessarily mean you need 5 new Coaches or customers. The real magic number is 3. If you help just three people (e.g., 2 with a Challenge Pack and 1 with an order of 90 PV Home Direct or more, and at least one of those people is a new Coach), you’re in!
beachbody coach success club

STEP 3: Enroll at least ONE new Coach with a 90 PV Home Direct order (Shakeology, Beachbody Ultimate Reset, Challenge Pack, etc.)

  • Every month, one Success Club point must come from a new Coach (that YOU personally enroll) with a Home Direct order of 90 Personal Volume points or more, within 31 days of signup.

What is the difference between Success Club 5 and Success Club 10?

Think of Success Club 10 as First Class and Success Club 5 as Business Class. Both are great. But those who qualify for Success Club 10 will earn more rewards than those who qualify for Success Club 5, such as more leads, travel cash, and other bonuses.

Difference between 5 and 10 is that you simply you have to earn at least 5 Success Club points each month for Success Club 5, and 10 Success Club points each month for Success Club 10.

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