The Beachbody Challenge is here! Now you can win money for using Beachbody products to lose weight and get in shape. Prizes range for $500, all the way up to a grand prize of $100,000! All you need to do to be eligible to win is submit your results, and everyone who submits their results get a FREE T-Shirt! So the worst case scenario is you end up in great shape, and get a free T-Shirt. The best case scenario is you end up in great shape, and win $100,000! Either way, you end up being in great shape!

You Can Win Over $100,000!

  • $500 Daily Prizes (Randomly drawn, just log your workout in WOWY for a chance to win)
  • $1000 Monthly Prize
  • $5000 Quarter Prize
  • $100,000 Grand Prize

How To Get Started With The Beachbody Challenge

Step 1:  Getting started is simple, just click Take The Beachbody Challenge and follow the simple instructions.

Take The Beachbody Challenge

Check Out The Results Pictures From A Few Recent $1000 Monthly Winners

Beachbody Challenge Winners
Beachbody Challenge Winners

You could be the next winner! Go for the grand prize of $100,000. Just do it!

Take The Beachbody Challenge


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