Clear your schedule, Tony Horton is going to be on the Dr. Oz show on Monday, October 31st. I don’t have details of the show, or even what the topic is, but Tony is always entertaining.

I actually watch the Dr. Oz on occassion when I can fit it into my day. It is a pretty good show, it mainly is about health and fitness, and I always pick up so good tips or learn something new evertime I watch.

The sequel to Tony Horton’s P90x, P90x2, is set to be released soon am I am sure Tony will find a way to fit in a plug for it, and the original.

Tony is also the fitness instructor feature in the hit workout programs, 10 Minute Trainer, and Power90.

Be sure to tune in Monday or set your DVRs so you can catch the show. I will make an update on Monday to this post to write about how Tony Horton’s appearance on Dr. Oz goes.

Maybe Tony will give Dr. Oz a sample of Shakeology and he can give a review of it.

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