toronto blue jays do the insanity workoutI’m adding the Toronto Blue Jays to my list of professional athletes that do Beachbody workouts!

Is Insanity a tough workout?…If it’s good enough for professional athletes, I’d have to say yes, it is a tough workout. But “tough” may not be the right word for the Insanity workout because it is designed for anyone at any fitness level. Basically if you get to tired, you just take a short break to catch your breath, then jump back in and how far you progress over the course of 60 days will amaze you.

What Is The Insanity Workout?

Recently it was reported by that some of the Toronto Blue Jays were getting together early at the clubhouse and doing the Insanity workout as part of their spring training regime. Josh Thole, A.J. Jimenez, and Henry Blanco are some of the players mentioned that were arriving at the clubhouse at 5:30 a.m. and getting in an Insanity workout. It was also mentioned that there were some officials that were also taking part in the workouts.

With the average professional MLB player’s salary being $3.2 million dollars a year (2012), these are guys that can definitely afford to workout with professional trainers and top of the line equipment. When I think of how professional athletes train, I get the picture in my head of Ivan Drago from Rocky IV training with all of the fancy equipment and a room full of scientists in lab coats documenting and tracking every move. (If you’ve never seen Rocky IV, shame on you, but you can watch the video clip here to see what I’m talking about

Although professional baseball players make a lot of money, I’m not surprised that they are doing the Insanity workout. Insanity is a great workout that gets results. It’s not a magic pill, or a secret drink that melts away fat overnight. Insanity is a hard workout, and that is what it takes to get long lasting results.

Also, it was mentioned that the Blue Jays’ manager, John Gibbons, lost 22 pounds doing P90x. And he didn’t stick to the diet, and only made it through 75 days instead of the entire 90 because of an injury. P90x is made by the same company that makes Insanity, so these guys know how to get results.

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