Today was Day 2 of the the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, here’s my review.


BREAKFAST – Oatmeal mixed w/Yogurt, Blueberries, Almonds, Maple Syrup

LUNCH – Greek Salad w/Chicken, Greek Dressing

SNACK – Green Apple w/Peanut Butter

DINNER – 2 Corn Tortillas w/Black Beans & Rice, Guacamole, and Kale w/Pine Nuts

Again, keeping in mind that I’m not much of a cook, these meals weren’t difficult to make. As opposed to yesterday, today I was hungry in between lunch and dinner so I ate a snack. The breakfast mix of Oatmeal, Yogurt, etc was really good and the Black Beans & Rice w/Guac inside the Corn Tortillas was even better!

SUPPLEMENTS (same for each day of week 1):

MINERALIZE – 4 pinches

OXYGENIZE – 30-45 drops

OPTIMIZE – 6 capsules

ALKALINIZE – 1 packet

As I also mentioned yesterday, I personally dodn’t care for the taste of the Alkalinize, but the portion is small enough to be able to deal with it once/day. Honestly speaking, it was even more brutal to deal with today, but I managed.


Drinking DISTILLED water is extremely important during the Reset. Headaches can be a side effect of the Ultimate Reset as your body is getting rid of all the toxins so staying hydrated is key to helping keep the headaches to a minimum. Based on my weight this morning (258), I decided to drink a gallon of water (128 ounces) today and will continue to do so for the entirety of the Reset. From my understanding, you’re supposed to drink (in ounces) “half your weight.”



10:15am – Breakfast


1:15pm – Lunch

2:45pm – Supplements (MINERALIZE/ALKALINIZE)

3:15pm – Snack


7:40pm – Dinner


I knew coming into the Ultimate Reset that the biggest challenge for me will be to eliminate diet soda from my daily routine. And after doing the Reset for the first two days, I was right again. It is really tough for me to stay away from the diet soda especially eating something like Black Beans & Rice in a Corn Tortilla. I just keep telling myself that this is only 21 days and even after the Reset is complete, I hope to cut way back on my diet soda intake.

Other than between lunch and dinner, I wasn’t really hungry today. One of my biggest problems in terms of eating healthy is that I eat late at night and to make it worse, I eat terrible food late at night. Through the first two days of the Reset, I’ve been able to manage my cravings after dinner and I haven’t been that hungry so I’m hoping this continues. As I noted in yesterday’s review I think drinking a lot of water throughout the day as well as 5-10 minutes before meals helped keep my appetite down especially after dinner.

Regarding how I felt today, I was pretty sluggish and exhausted all day. I’m not sure if this is normal during the first few days of the Reset, but for someone who is usually sluggish and tired during the day, today was a whole new level of those bad feelings. As far as headaches go, I didn’t really have any today so I’m hoping that trend continues.


1) Does it matter what time I eat breakfast? In relation to how long after I wake up?

2) Any idea how many calories/day the Reset entails?

GOALS (Reiterated):

1) Although losing weight is not my main goal of the Reset, I would like to lose 15 lbs after the 21st day and get down to 243.

2) My main goal is to get my body in a better “state” after 21 days as I hope to start INSANITY after finishing the Reset. I tired INSANITY before, but I was in such terrible shape, I only last about 5 days. I’m hoping that after completing this Reset, my body will be better able to handle the INSANITY workouts.

That’s all for now regarding Day 2 of 21 of the Ultimate Reset.

If you have any questions or suggestions to make the Reset better, easier, etc, please feel free to leave them in this thread.



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