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Ultimate Reset Day 7

Yesterday was Day 7 of the the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, here’s my review.


BREAKFAST – Tropical Shakeology blended w/Frozen Fruit (1 cup)

LUNCH –  Zucchini-Cashew Soup (1 serving), Microgreen Salad, Basic Vinaigrette Dressing, Avocado (1/4 sliced)

SNACK – Apple

DINNER – Baked Tempeh (3), Cauliflower (1 serving), Brown Rice (1 serving)

I decided to supplement Tropical Shakeology for breakfast. As for the rest of the meals for Day 7, I’m happy I won’t have to eat the Zucchini-Cashew Soup and Baked Tempeh anymore!!!

SUPPLEMENTS (same for each day of week 1):

MINERALIZE – 4 pinches

OXYGENIZE – 30-45 drops

OPTIMIZE – 6 capsules

ALKALINIZE – 1 packet

Different day, same opinion of the Alkalinize…nasty!


Drinking DISTILLED water is extremely important during the Reset. Headaches can be a side effect of the Ultimate Reset as your body is getting rid of all the toxins so staying hydrated is key to helping keep the headaches to a minimum. I continue to drink a gallon of water (128 ounces) today and will continue to do so for the entirety of the Reset. From my understanding, you’re supposed to drink (in ounces) “half your weight” so considering my weight was 258 on Monday, a gallon of water is recommended.



10:30am – Breakfast


3:30pm – Lunch

6:00pm – Supplements (MINERALIZE/ALKALINIZE)

6:30pm – Snack


9:30pm – Dinner


One week is in the books!!! I got on the scale this morning and I weighed 249 which means I lost 9 lbs suring week one of three of the Reset!

My energy level was off the charts yesterday. I can’t remember the last time I felt as good and had as much energy as I did yesterday. It’s pretty obvious to me that the Reset is working!

And through the first week of the Reset, I didn’t have any headaches which is obviously a good thing. After reading through some of the reviews on the Beachbody site, I was somewhat concerned that I would experience headaches, but fortunately, I haven’t to this point. I’m assuming this is partially due to the amount of distilled water I’m drinking on a daily basis.

GOALS (Reiterated):

1) Although losing weight is not my main goal of the Reset, I would like to lose 15 lbs after the 21st day and get down to 243.

UPDATE AFTER WEEK 1 OF THE RESET:  As mentioned above, I weighed in this morning at 249!!! 9 lbs down, 6 to go to reach my goal!

2) My main goal is to get my body in a better “state” after 21 days as I hope to start INSANITY after finishing the Reset. I tried INSANITY before, but I was in such terrible shape, I only last about 5 days. I’m hoping that after completing this Reset, my body will be better able to handle the INSANITY workouts.

UPDATE AFTER WEEK 1 OF THE RESET:  As I also mentioned above, I definitely think the Reset is working for me in an effort to achieve this goal. I had so much enery yesterday that I considered running a few miles and running is on my list of top 3 things I hate to do!!!

3) After the 21 days are complete, I hope to actually enjoy cooking and I hope to have gained a liking for 4-5 meals that are included in the Reset that I can make on a regular basis.

UPDATE AFTER WEEK 1 OF THE RESET:  Achieving this goal could go either way after the next two weeks…haha. I will say that I cooked more meals over the past week than I have over the past year. My favorite meals of week 1 were: Day 2 Breakfast, Day 2 Dinner, Day 4 Dinner, and Day 5 Lunch.

That’s all for now regarding Day 7 of 21 of the Ultimate Reset.

If you have any questions or suggestions to make the Reset better, easier, etc, leave them below, I’d love to hear from you.



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