Are you looking for an unbiased Shakeology review? It seems like everything out there on the internet about Shakeology has been posted by a Beachbody Coach trying to sell it it to you. This is actually the problem with doing research on any product online. Most of the sites you come across contain a “buy now” link that is tied to the person who posted the content, so you never really know if it is an honest review, or just someone trying to sell you something.

My site is really no different, I assume that because I’m a Beachbody Coach, you might take what I say about Shakeology with a grain of salt. That is why I don’t want you to take only my word for it. Below is a video from ienjoybeingal. She posted an unbiased Shakeology review on youtube and states specifically that she is not a Beachbody Coach (distributor). There are no links to buy Shakeology in the description of the video nor does she mention a site to go to. Its just a honest and unbiased Shakeology review.

Unbiased Shakeology Review Video:

How To Get The Lowest Price On Shakeology!

In the video she mentions that she bought Shakeology on Ebay for $114, which is something that I do not recommend. When you purchase from Ebay, you don’t get the 30 day, bottom of the bag money back guarantee that you get when you order from a Beachbody Coach. I’d rather pay the extra $6 to have it shipped directly from the company that has a customer service department and telephone number that I can call if I ever need with help with anything. Also, there are several ways to save money on Shakeology, click here to see your options.

In her video, she also mentions a “Vanilla Shakeology” youtube video that she stumbled upon, and was impressed on why Beachbody couldn’t come out with a vanilla flavored Shakeology. The video is really good and shows the integrity of the company and the importance they put on producing a high quality product. You can view the video she was referring to below:

ienjoybeingagal’s Unbiased Shakeology Review Part 2 – 8 Months Later

Its one thing to buy a product of some kind and use it for a month or 2. But when someone uses a product consistently for 8 months straight, that says a lot about the product. In her video she talks about how she usually gets sick twice a year, but since she has been drinking Shakeology, she has not gotten sick, which is amazing.  She also says that her body feels like it is getting all of the nutrition it needs and is functioning at its best.

Thanks inejoybeingagal for your honset and unbiased Shakeology review. I’m happy to hear that you are loving Shakeology and plan on continuing to drink it on a daily basis.

Why is it so hard to find Unbiased Shakeology Reviews?

Unbiased Shakeology Reviews
I Drink Shakeology Everyday, If I Didn’t I Couldn’t Recommend It To You With Integrity

Here’s the thing, many people that are try Shakeology and love it decide to become a Beachbody Coach because they are then able to save 25% on of their own personal purchases. So instead of paying the retail price of $119.95-$129.95, they can get their Shakeology at the discounted price of $90- $99. So if someone loves Shakeology and plans on purchasing it on a monthly basis, it makes sense to become a Coach to get the 25% discount.

Once someone is a Coach, they then have the opportunity to earn money by recommending  Shakeology to others. I think this is where the seemingly “biased” reviews come into the picture. Because there is a “buy now” link under a review, you really don’t know if the review is true or not or automatically assume it is biased, when in reality it probably isn’t. If someone is a Beachbody Coach and recommending Shakeology, there is a good chance that that person drinks Shakeology. If I didn’t drink Shakeology myself, I wouldn’t be able to recommend to you with integrity. Although I’m a Beachbody Coach, I’m able unbiased Shakeology reviews. For example, I don’t like the taste of Greenberry, but I love Tropical & Chocolate Shakeology. If I was biased, I’d say that all 3 flavors were delicious.

Try Shakeology out for 30 days, then come back to this page and leave me a comment below on what you thought.

How To Get Shakeology For Cheap!

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