What Is The Difference Between P90x And P90x2P90x2 was recently released and the most common question I have been getting is, what is the difference between P90x and P90x2? People want to know how much harder P90x2 is, how many days a week the workout schedule is, what new moves and exercises are done in P90x2, and is the meal plan the same?

One of the biggest complaints about the original P90x is that the Yoga x workout was too long. At 90 minutes, I have to agree with the masses, 90 minutes is a long workout. Well I have some great news. The yoga workout in P90x2 is only an hour long. So you can stop the worrying now that you know when the yoga day comes it will only be a 60 minute session.

Another change that has been made that I think you will be happy about is that the P90x2 Schedule is only 5 days a week. The workouts are a little more vigorous than the original P90x workouts, so they wanted to give you an extra rest day.

More Differences Between P90x And P90x2:

P90x was created to get you in the best shape of your life where as P90x2 was created to improve athletic performance, with getting in shape and getting a better body as an inevitable byproduct.

Both P90x and P90x2 use the “muscle confusion” techniques, but P90x2 goes a step further and also incorporates Post-Activation Potentiation (wordpress showed the word “potentiation” as a misplessing, so I googled it to make sure it was a real word and not something Tony Horton just made up, this was the definition: To promote or strengthen (a biochemical or physiological action or effect). Anyhow, this Post-Activation Potentiation will stimulate mobility, power, speed, and agility to improve your overall athletic performance.

Unlike P90x, the phases of P90x2 are not set in stone. After doing P90x, you should be aware of your body and be able to adjust the phases to suit yourself. The phases of P90x2 range of 3-6 weeks and are changed at your own discretion. Everyone is different, so one phase might need to be longer or shorter, it all depends on the individual. Being able to determine the length of your phases will help customize the program so you can achieve the best results possible.

There are some more differences between P90x and P90x2 that you can see in the video below. Tony Horton himself explains the differences and why this workout is a must have if you want to keep the muscle confusion and results coming.

As you can see, P90x2 is a totally different workout from the original P90x. Be sure to order P90x2 through the link below so you get the 2 exclusive bonus workouts.

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