90 Grams Of Sugar Removed From Shakeology
90 Grams Of Sugar Removed From Shakeology

Recently some Shakeology customers have a noticed a slight aftertaste when drinking their chocolate Shakeology. This aftertaste was never there before, so now there are a lot of people are saying, “whats up with the aftertaste?”

The bad is news is that the chocolate Shakeology formulation was changed, and now, depending on your taste buds, you may experience a slight aftertaste. The GOOD news is that this new Shakeology formulation is better for you health wise, which is the reason why the formulation was changed in the first place.

Since the creation of Shakeology, which at the time of this writing, was almost 2 and a half years ago, there has been a ton of new superfood discoveries and research to back the claims of these superfoods. And because Beachbody wants Shakeology to be the “best of the best”, they’ve added 4 new superfoods, and removed some of the sugar. So while Shakeology might have a small aftertaste, it is now a higher quality product that is even healthier for you than the original. Most people that have tried it for 30 days have said that they noticed the aftertaste the first few days, but then it seemed to go away as they got used to it. If the you are bothered by the aftertaste or by the change of the taste in general, my recommendation is to keep drinking it for 30 days, play around with a few different recipe combinations, and then decide. Chances are that your taste buds will adapt and learn to love Shakeology.

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Here are the 4 new superfood that were added to the Shakeology formulation:

  1. Moringa is loaded with Vitamin C, Calcium, Vitamin A, Protein, Potassium and Iron. Moringa has anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties and is known to promote energy, vitality, athletic performance, and weight loss—while boosting the immune system and protecting against disease.
  2. Coconut Flower Nectar is the sweet, nutrient-rich nectar produced by coconut bloss oms. It contains 17 amino acids, minerals, and vitamin C, has a broad spectrum of B vitamins, and is high in potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iron. It’s also packed with inulin, a prebiotic fiber, which feeds our intestinal flora and helps boost digestive and immune functions.
  3. Luo Han Guo is said to be 300 times sweeter than cane sugar and could have a positive impact on coughs and other respiratory ailments. And recent research has revealed that it may work as an antioxidant to help eliminate free radicals that can cause serious health concerns.
  4. Himalayan salt is the “healthy” salt, containing more than 70 trace minerals, and is said to help prevent acne and tooth decay (no one wants pimples and rotten teeth  🙂   )
Moringa In Shakeology
Moringa Is Just One Superfood Ingredient In Shakeology

Also, these 3 changes that were made when Tropical Shakeology was released and were incorporated into the new Chocolate formulation:

  1. More concentrated grasses. Weʼre using grass juice powders. The grasses are first pressed into juices—which allows us to concentrate the nutrients more—then the juice is dried down to a powder.
  2. Better strain of probiotics.
  3. No suma root or blue-green algae.

What’s up with that aftertaste? Why does it taste like an artificial sweetener? Did they increase the level of stevia?

The guys and girls that wear the lab coats over at Beachbody are looking at ways to improve  the  Shakeology formula to minimize the stevia-rich aftertaste. The amount of stevia is the same. But with a LOT less fructose in the formula, the stevia bitter/metallic aftertaste seems to have become more prominent. Coconut flower nectar and luo han guo are whole foods that are naturally sweet and are not as overpowering as fructose, which is another reason why the stevia aftertaste seems to be coming out more than before. There are no artificial sweeteners or chemicals in Shakeology.

Here are a few things you can add to reduce the aftertaste:

  • A dollop of vanilla yogurt or vanilla greek yogurt
  • A banana
  • ½ an avocado
  • More PB2 peanut butter powder
  • Switch from plain almond or rice milk to vanilla almond or rice milk
  • Try coconut water or coconut milk or vanilla coconut milk

The bottom line is that the new chocolate Shakeology formulation is healthier for you. Remember, the Shakeology tagline is, “The Healthiest Meal Of The Day”, its not, “The Most Delicious Meal Of The Day”. We drink Shakeology first and foremost because it is healthy for us and we want to give our bodies the best nutrition possible. The taste is second, and for Shakeology to taste as good as it does is a bonus. Afterall, if all you wanted was a tasty Shake, you could get that for 99 cents at McDonalds.

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