Here is a great article on Shakeology from the Beachbody Coach newsletter that I wanted to share. It was written by Katy Gillis.


When I Think about Shakeology® . . .

By  Katy Gillis

ShakeologyWhen I think about Shakeology, I think “Results.”

In the five months I’ve been sharing it, I’ve been bombarded with testimonies from satisfied Coaches and customers on the awesome results they’ve achieved. Of course, individual results may vary, but I have heard some incredible stories: migraines disappearing, waistlines shrinking, aches and pains ceasing, breathing becoming clearer. They haven’t been sick since starting, have increased energy* . . . The list goes on!

I like the feeling of knowing that I have helped someone become healthier. It is clear to me that every time I share Shakeology, it is the chance to help someone change his or her life. This is one wonderful career choice I have made! I have a passion for helping people become the best they can be!

I am a huge supporter of the entire Game Plan, but let’s focus on #2: be a product of the product.

My own personal testimony has appeal because most people are interested in knowing what the person standing in front of them is doing . . . They can feel the passion and the real energy vibes; they KNOW if someone is indeed experiencing results!

Plus, you might as well become a Shakeologer and tap into the very best meal replacement available! You’ll reach a higher level of health from the inside out. Without Shakeology, physical fitness is like trying to clean a dirty pot’s outside area, but leaving the grime and buildup on the inside. Ahhh, no one will notice . . . slap a lid on it and BOOM: clean pot! But we all know that pot is gross inside! Let’s clean our insides, people. Let yourself SHINE with a healthy body from the inside out.

(By the way, I love giving this analogy at Team Beachbody® Briefings. I even have a picture of a really gross pot in hi-def!)

After the pot parable, I share my own thoughts about how Shakeology has helped me and my family with a prospect. I always follow up with a 3rd Party Tool. This way, they can have full access to all the information they need, tied up in a pretty package! My personal theory is: “Passion sets the stage; 3rd Party Tools seal the deal.”

I also think of Shakeology with “results” in mind because of the tremendous growth Shakeology-sharing has given my business and Team. At our last Team Beachbody® Briefing, most of the questions asked by the prospective Coaches were about how Shakeology could help them personally.

Being able to purchase our monthly supply of Shakeology at wholesale, and of course become active right away, are two huge benefits of the Team Beachbody Business Opportunity. Four of my Personally Sponsored Coaches, who started their coaching business with this as their motivator, are all actively growing their business. One of those Coaches reached Emerald in just one week from her start date because she told people she was starting Shakeology.

Shakeology is like a diamond, with many facets, and, thanks to our Team Beachbody marketing department, lots of sparkle! I have a premonition that it will be on everyone’s counter at one point, and I am honored to be a part of sharing it!

Cheers to 2010 and helping the world get healthy and fit . . . from the inside out.

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