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I was talking with an old friend today about Beachbody’s business opportunity and how it is unlike any other around. My “old friend” (we’re haven’t been friends in years) had a different opinion of Beachbody’s business model. This guy, we’ll call him Sam, is currently finishing out his last year in college. He has done P90x, had great results, and loves it. The problem he foresees with the being a Beachbody Coach is that the product product P90x, is too easy to replicate and distribute for free.

Sam admitted that he and many people in his college network found the P90x video files online, and then proceeded to burn them for themselves and for others that wanted them. Sam said people would never buy the workouts when they can just find them for free online.

First of all, it is illegal to find the files online and “burn them for free”. There are harsh penalties for doing such a thing and Beachbody strictly enforces this and takes legal action when they encounter such occurrences. Secondly, you aren’t just burning one DVD. P90x is 12 different workouts and nearly 12 hours of video. Downloading those large files is going to take hours and hours of work and will not even be the trouble, it is easier just to buy it. I’m not naive and understand people are going to be pirating the DVDs illegally, that type of stuff will always go on, but does that mean there is future to the business? Not even close…

Let’s take a look at water for example. Water is basically free, or incredibly cheap relative to the amount people need for drinking. Yet the bottled water business is a 60 billion dollar a year business and steadily growing. Why are so many people buying water when they can it for free legally, straight from their tap? Just because their is a free version of something, doesn’t mean people still won’t pay for it.

When someone purchases P90x legitametly through a Beachbody Coach, they get the nutrition guide, and the program guide, which are 2 things needed to achieve the best possible results. In my opinion, someone who purchases P90x is more likely to put in the effort to complete the program than someone who has a bootlegged copy.

As far a sharing your workout DVDs with friends, you won’t want to do this. P90x is a workout you will incorporate into your normal workouts for the rest of your life. If a friends wants to borrow a workout from you, tell them to buy their own. Better yet, become a Beachbody Coach and send them to your website to buy it and you will make a commission.

So How Does This All Compare To Monavie’s Business Opportunity?

Beachbody is not just P90x and workout DVDs. Beachbody also has top of the line supplements and the best meal replacement shake on the market with Shakeology. In fact, an entire company could have been built around Shakeology alone, like what was done with Monavie.

Monavie has been a huge success in creating a company around a single juice product, generating $2.1 billion in revenue their first 5 years in business. Imagine if Monavie had the same brand awareness that Beachbody has, and could offer their customers the best workout programs on the market.

Beachbody VS Monavie

Monavie Products
Monavie Products...Boring

Monavie may be a good company, but when comparing it to Beachbody it is not hard to see which one is better. Beachbody just has way much more to offer. The popularity of Beachbody’s products alone puts it above Monavie. I’m actually surprised at how successful Monavie has been. Monavie’s success just reinforces my opinion of how successful Beachbody will be. I’m certain Beachbody will be one of the most success network marketing companies of all time

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