P90x VS. InsanityIf you are considering an intense workout program to do at home, you’ve probably considered the P90x exercise program, or Insanity. Both workouts are getting great reviews and producing awesome results for millions of people. But which one is actually better, P90x or Insanity?

This is a very tough question because P90x and Insanity are 2 totally different workouts. Trying to compare them is like trying to compare Ferrari to a Lamborghini, they’re both friggin sweet.

To help you choose which workout program is best for you, you will have to determine what your over fitness goals are. In short, P90x is a total body workout that focuses on building muscle or toning up, gaining strength, and flexibilty. Insanity is also a total body workout that focuses on toning up, and increasing cardio and endurance.

So which program is best for you, P90x or Insanity? The answer really depends on the particular individual and his or her fitness goals are. From my experience, I would recommend starting out with a 90 day round of P90x, and after a short break, do a round of Insanity. After you’ve done both, you can create a hybrid of both workouts and plan a normal routine of working out 3-4 times a week.

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