Thinking of becoming a Beachbody Coach? A Beachbody Coach is a independent representative for Beachbody. Beachbody coaches make money by selling Beachbody products and referring others to become a Beachbody coaches.

How is this different from any other home based business opportunity? The answer is very simple, Beachbody gives their coaches free customers. That is right, free, paying customers. You are probably wondering how Beachbody is able to this for their coaches. Beachbody is able to do this because the infomercials they run bring in thousands of new customers each week. Those customers are assigned to an Emerald (or above) Beachbody coach, who then receives commissions on all future purchases from that customer. Think about this for a second, what is the hardest part of any business? Finding customers right? With every other home based business you sign up and they say, “alright, go sell our stuff.” And you’re stuck, not knowing what to do or how to generate customers. beachbody has solved this problem. Beachbody gives us free customers. To qualify for emerald, A coach only needs to sponsor 2 active coaches.

I am currently Emerald and concentrating on getting the members of my downline to Emerald also, so they can start taking advantage of Beachbody’s free customer program. So before you join, be sure to send me over an email first, I’ll send you a link of a member of our team, helping them become Emerald. I will then do the same for you. We work as a team and our only successful if all of our team members our successful. That is why we help each other out.

Beachbody’s home business opportunity is still very new and they are coming up with ways to enhance the program almost daily. With such a low price point, only $40, becoming a Beachbody coach is a no brainer. Oh, I almost forgot the most important part, Beachbody’s products are awesome.

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