While it is not required  to be in great shape or a fitness expert to be a Beachbody Coach,  you should be at least be in the process of improving your current health and fitness level. As a Beachbody Coach you’re expected to be a product of the product. After all, who wants to take fitness advice or an exercise program recommendation from someone who eats like crap and sits on the couch all day? That just wouldn’t make sense.

One easy way a Beachbody Coach can work on improving their health is by drinking Shakeology. If you are a Beachbody Coach, it is hard to ask someone else to try out the shake if you are not drinking it yourself, potential customers will want to hear your personal experience with it and the results you achieved with replacing one meal a day with Shakeology.

If you’re a Beachbody Coach, drinking Shakeology is a must. I wouldn’t be asking others to drink it if I didn’t drink it myself, I drink it on a daily basis, it tastes great, is good for me, and keeps me feeling full all morning long. Being a Beachbody Coach is a real business and should be treated as such and not just as a hobby. To be a Coach and not be drinking Shakeology is like owning your own restaurant and not eating there, it just doesn’t make sense. So if you’re not convinced on the health benefits of Shakeology, or think it is too expensive, do a little research, it will definitely change your mind and also help build your Beachbody business.

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